Privacy policy of this software/service

We, Wildbird Inc, develop and provide the following services/software for the realization of a more fulfilling life for each and every one of you. When using this service/software, Wildbird stores, manages, and uses the following privacy information or personal-related information such as usage history of service/software (which may be able to identify an individual when combined with other data) under the Wildbird formulated system that manages by PDCA cycle (Plan: Plan / Do: Check / Action: Improvement) in accordance with the related regulations/guidelines for prevention of the information leakage. In addition, Wildbird is always focusing on trends in social requirements on privacy, makes effective use of privacy information and personal-related information not for the company's activities in improving the quality of service/software, but also toward public beneficial activities such as policy advocacy related to the service/software.

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We assume no responsibility for any loss arising from the use of the Service/Software. Also, by downloading and installing, we assume that you agree with the above all of this page.